Welcome to Honey I'm Homestead

Since 2017, we have been converting an old pine tree plantation into a self-sustainable homestead and ecosystem. We believe in living off the land, minimizing our waste, and focusing our efforts on reducing our footprint on the earth. By slightly altering our lifestyle, can have a major impact without too many inconveniences and leaving this world a better place than we inherited.  

Constantly striving for a “No Waste Farm and Homestead, we are once again refining our methods to further reduce waste, cut costs and increase the nutrients in the food we sell and eat.

In my YouTube homestead series, I will walk you thru the process of creating roads, a homesite, digging a well, pond installation and much more. I detail hours to do a job, actual costs and the “good, bad and ugly”. I walk you thru equipment needs, benefits and why I chose the equipment that I own.

In future episodes we will cover storage of food and necessities, homemade medications, canning and preserving, medical emergency preparedness, and self-defense.

If that wasn’t enough, I am building a bio diesel processing plant, methane generator, wood gasifier and will also be installing more solar panels with battery backup so we can finally go completely off grid.

Finally, I will be rebuilding our inspiration for our name, Honey I’m Homestead. As you know, the apiary along with our home, two barns and most of what we owned were destroyed in by hurricane Florence. I will be salvaging the hives that I can and making new ones to expand bigger and better than before. To help our girls out, we are installing 6-thousand lavender plants and launching our new company Southport Lavender.

Thank you for visiting our page, we look forward to this journey together.