We Have One Goal:

to Provide The Highest Quality,
Organic Products to our community

Honey I’m Homestead emphasizes the use of renewable resources for conservation of soil and water to enhance the environment and our quality of our life. We use multiple relatively new concepts firstly; creating an ecosystem that is in balance to provide maximum nutrition, flavor, and value. Operating on organic principals, everything on the farm is repurposed, reclaimed, and renewed to enhance the environmental for future generations.


Concepts for the farm

Plant Considerations

We always put the plants needs before our desire. Consideration and preference was given to the correct crop for the land and location that is available. While some areas of the land might have been more beautiful or easier to access, certain crops took precedence over our desires. We decided to move our future barn site because it was a superb location for Lavender. This location was mostly sandy, prevailing winds blowing between the rows, fast drying soil and the macro/micro nutrients needed less amending to be acceptable.  https://www.honeyimhomestead.com/lavender

Lavender Tray Seedling
Water Retention Ley-Line

Key-line Design has been incorporated into the orchards for water retention and maximum percolation into the groundwater. Ditches have been strategically placed following the contour of the land to retain water and nourish the trees and plants. During excessive rainfall, spillways have been installed and routed through the property to central collection ponds. These ponds and spillways are in sequence in order of elevation for maximum retainment. One pond feeds the next before it eventually reaches the streams for discharge. Very rarely does water make it this far, most is absorbed into the ground or evaporates.



Permaculture is being installed in the new orchards where each plant gives something to the surrounding plants. Nitrogen fixing plants are planted next to the nitrogen loving plants while pest deterring plants like lavender, Marigolds and Mums are planted next to the most vulnerable plants to protect from pests.

Permaculture Orchard



Aqua culture is being installed for drought and fertilizer purposes. Several times a year the nutrient rich water is pumped from the ¼ acre stocked pond which supplies the water and nutrients to the top of the hill through the keyline design trenches.

Back to Eden


Back to Eden and Wood Chip Garden principals are being utilized to increase soil fertility, moisture retention, erosion control and weed suppression.

Mulch Layering
Hugelkultur Mound



Hugelkultur has have been installed on a trial flower bed where branches and tree parts have been buried and covered with topsoil. This is a research project in a low laying area to raise the beds while adding organic matter to the soil.

Solar Power


Solar: In 2018 we installed a new 5.5kw solar array on our barn roof that Hurricane Florence literally removed. Its location and orientation was an excellent choice, so we consulted an engineer and made revisions to the structure to support the load and windage. Now producing ½ our electrical needs, we are one step closer to going off grid. 

Solar Panel Array

Biomas gassification (Singas)


Bio Gasification is used to reduce food waste, produce methane for cooking and provide compost tea for the plants. A huge benefit to this system is that it doesn’t draw predator animals to the farm searching for an easy meal at the compost pile. Anything organic including meats, grass clippings and small yard debris all go into the gasifier and produce 2 usable products (compost and Gas).




Bio Diesel was started on the farm to combat high fuel bills. Construction equipment, tractors and diesel heaters all burn huge amounts of fuel. To offset our costs on the farm, we are partnering with the restaurants we supply to recycle their used oil. This helps us get one step closer to complete sustainability.

Biodiesel Processor