Ben, Founding Farmer


Alyssa, Founding Farmer

Closed For 2022

Honey I’m Homestead is taking 2022 to expand the Farm side of the business and do some major improvements. 

We are installing a new 3-acre lavender field which will include over 6000 new plants with many new varieties. Some of these new varieties include GrossoHidcote BlueHidcote GiantBettys Blue, and Melissa.

We are expanding our pond to become a 5.5 acre lake, putting in new roads, installing a new irrigation pond, and a new permaculture orchard featuring Keyline Design.

Due to the overwhelming cost of fuel and that fact that I don’t sleep much, I’m launching a new company Fuel For Farmers; a biodiesel alternative to help stabilize the fuel costs for local farms.

The unfortunate unattended consequence is that we are forced to shut the farm down to visitors for safety. Heavy equipment and uneven fields nearly caused our insurance agent to have a stroke (I’m joking of course). Your safety and enjoyment is our upmost concern here on at Honey I’m Homestead. We know you have enjoyed watching, learning and participating in our farm so we have started a YouTube channel. Please follow along Honey I’m Homestead on YouTube until we can open the doors again.

Teaser alert, a few RV campsites and tiny homes are being considered for our followers to come stay with us. Please let us know if you are interested in either of these options to help us judge if it is worth the investment.

We can’t wait to greet you again in person; until then we wish you well.

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