our products are
Made With love on the Farm

Chemical Free


Never Cut or Blended


Lavender Honey


Our honey is harvested at the peak Lavender Bloom allowing us to keep the honey pure. Our lavender honey has a sweet and subtle hint of lavender which is natural by the plants the bees feed on. This honey is NOT infused, it is 100% pure raw honey from the hive. 


Essential Oils


100% Pure Oil

Our essential oils are produced using steam to extract the oil and are 100% pure lavender oil.  

No additives and never combined with other “cutting” oils. 

Splashes spray in hand on a blurred background.



Hydrosol is a natural byproduct with trace amounts of Lavender Essential Oil from the Lavender Oil distillation process. Hydrosol is the steam that has been condensed back into water and after the majority of the oils have been siphoned off. There are many different uses including a natural bug deterrent without the smell and stickiness of commercial grade products, makeup removal, deodorant, linen spray and bath water enhancers.